I’m all about positivity, motivation and discipline. I searched the internet and found 42 Affirmations Every Successful Entrepreneur Believes (, which I printed out and read often.

I decided to take them and add them to some beautiful images and along with music, export it as a video. It’s too good not to share, so if you stumble upon this, I hope you enjoy it.


1 Being an entrepreneur is my natural path in life.
2 Success and money come easily to me.
3 What I focus on grows and so I focus on my business.
4 My service is a gift to this world & I feel compelled to share it.
5 I am building a successful company every day.
6 My work makes a difference in this world.
7 I believe in the value I create in the lives of others through my business.
8 I am smart, successful, savvy about business.
9 The success of my fellow entrepreneurs fuels me with energy and joy.
10 Whatever I can dream up for my business, I can achieve.
11 Entrepreneurship is a path of service and prosperity.
12 I create daily opportunities for growth for myself and others.
13 My failures have made me a better entrepreneur.
14 My income is growing every day by doing something I love.
15 The passion I have for my work enables me to create real value.
16 There are no limits to what I can achieve.
17 I am driven by passion and purpose.
18 Money and wealth comes to me easily.
19 I attract my ideal clients and customers with my energy.
20 I serve my highest work to my clients and customers.
21 My business is set up for massive success and growth.
22 I am energized by challenges in my business.
23 My business is growing at exactly the right pace.
24 I started my business at precisely the right time in my life.
25 My business meets and exceeds my needs and my family’s needs.
26 I get everything I want by first helping others get everything they want.
27 My business helps me serve my life purpose.
28 Entrepreneurship is the safest bet to security and wealth.
29 I treasure the freedom my business affords me.
30 I love work and feel charged and energized by work.
31 My work leaves me stronger and happier at the end of the day.
32 I focus on the value-generating parts of my business.
33 Being my own boss is a responsibility I handle with care.
34 I invest in myself and in my business every day.
35 My business dreams align to my core values.
36 I am making a difference in this world with my business.
37 My success or failures do not define me. They grow me.
38 My ideas come to life through my business.
39 I leave a small dent in the universe with my work.
40 I take entrepreneurship seriously, without taking myself too seriously.
41 I appreciate all the lessons that owning my business has taught me.
42 Success and growth are inevitable outcomes of my work.

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