Cooking With Mom


Cooking With Mom was originally developed around Chris Nicholas’s mom, Beatrice. In 1999, Chris was set to move to Los Angeles from where he lived and grew up in South Florida to purse his dreams in Hollywood. Before he left, he decided that he wanted to videotape his mom cooking all he favorite meals that she made while he was growing up. That way when he was all-alone in LA, he’d always have a little bit of his mom with him.

Beatrice is not a celebrity mom in the normal sense, although she is in Chris’s eyes. Everyone has a story to tell. Through the good times and the bad times, we all live the cards we are dealt with the best way we can. Imagine back to when you were growing up. Your parents always seemed to fight. Your older brother always seemed to get into trouble. Imagine when you were sixteen years old that in a six-month period your father and mother split up, your mother’s mom (your grandmother) died and then your older brother OD’d and died. In your world, all you had left was your mom. When life hands you lemons, what do you do? This is the story of Chris and his mom Beatrice. They chose to make lemonade and not live their lives as a victim.

Every episode of Cooking with Mom will have a story too. Some stories will bring joy and laughter. Others may touch us on a more emotional level. Either way, will we delve into the life of a celebrity’s family like never done before and also learn how to make a tasty dish.







The Cooking with Mom website will be a big part of the show.  We’ll encourage the viewers to film and edit their own mom’s making their favorite meals.  We’ll allow everyone who does the chance to upload their video on to our site, where other people who visit the site can watch and leave comments about them. We realize that advertising dollars won’t sell a show with just the everyday average mom.  That’s why we’re having celebrity moms on the actual show.  But with the website, the everyday average mom will have their own 15 minutes of fame.  So instead of just being viewers, they’ll be a part of the show too.  Kids will be so proud of their mom’s that they’ll be emailing the link of the video, which will be on our site to all of their friends to watch their mom, bringing in lots of traffic to the website.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

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