Here are a few testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.

Video marketing works!

“My name is Melissa Marsh. I’ve been practicing corporate attorney for about 20 years in Los Angeles. And Chris Nicholas came into my office about 2 years ago in order to get some corporate work done with New River Entertainment. About a year after, I investigated what he did and how well he did it and I retained him to shoot about 15 videos for my law practice. It’s been a tremendous success! It has shortened the time frame in which I need to explain to my clients the potential services that I offer and the fees that are charge. And as a consequence, I cannot recommend Chris Nicholas from New River Entertainment highly enough.” – Melissa C. Marsh

“Hi, Alan Skaf here, just to tell you guys how great Chris and New River Entertainment have been with us.  A phenomenal job with our videos.  Great people.  I highly recommend them.  Use them, if you ever get a chance, if you need them, they’re great to work with.  Thanks.” – Alan Skaf

“I hired Chris of New River entertainment to help me make a video listing of my house. I wanted to utilize all the benefits of social media and so Chris came over shot it, edited it , all within 24 hours, And I was able to upload it to my Facebook account and blast it to everyone in my email list. It was a great tool to use because every time I ran into somebody, I was able to say hey I’m selling my house want to see it. And I would whip out my phone and show them the video on the spot and if they were interested, and they always were, because Chris did such a great job. I can email them or text them the link immediately. And ultimately I did sell my house, largely in part to Chris. And now I have all this footage of my house, which is an added bonus because I don’t live there anymore so all in all it was a great experience. I highly recommend hiring Chris and New River Entertainment. Thanks Chris!” – Kathlyne Pham

“Yeah, Chris came in one day and told me that he’s going to shoot a video of my shop and it’ll be great advertising and people can see what I’m doing and how I’m doing.  And it’s a great idea for small shops like mine to get something done like this.  And the price is very reasonable.  For 399, you can even get an advertising in the newspaper.  So it’s great!  I’m very happy that I did it.” – Van